Religious liberty endangered by French Draft Law Against “Separatism”

France has a serious problem with radical Islam, but the draft law against “separatism” announced by President Macron may create more problems than it claims to solve. This is the…

France: The “Law Against Separatism” Targets “Cults” as well as Islam

Anti-cultism is back in France. Media around the world have covered President Macron’s announcement of a new law against “separatism,” explaining it as a measure against radical Islam. It is…

Minna Rosner essay contest winner Rosemund Ragetli

Each year the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada sponsors an essay contest named for the late Shoah survivor Mina Rosner. Mina Rosner dedicated many hours to educating people about the Shoah as well as the importance of combating racism and …

Feminist converting to Judaism says Netflix series Unorthodox is ‘far cry’ from her own experiences

… convert to Orthodox Judaism to marry her Jewish partner has … communities of other Orthodox Jews.  Since starting her conversion …  provide a central religious authority for Jewish communities in London and … revered in the religion and claims Judaism is one of …

High Representative on behalf of E.U. on the announcement regarding relations between Israel and the UAE

The EU welcomes the announcement on the normalisation of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and acknowledges the constructive role played by the US in this respect.

Israel and UAE announce deal normalising relations

Israel and the United Arab Emirates announce the normalization of relations, marking Israel’s first diplomatic ties with a Gulf Arab nation.

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