A Franco-German film won the top prize at the Munich Film Festival
A Franco-German film won the top prize at the Munich Film Festival

The French-speaking “Only Animals” tells in a fascinating, tense and painful story how seemingly personal actions can lead to complex relationships and dramatic consequences, “the jury said.

The French-German co-production “Only Animals” won the “ARRI / Osram Cinemasters” award at the 38th Munich Film Festival, DPA reported, quoted by BTA.

The award also has a monetary dimension – 50,000 euros.

The French-speaking “Only Animals” tells in a fascinating, tense and painful story how seemingly personal actions can lead to complex relationships and dramatic consequences, “the jury said.

“The film provides food for thought, not least for our relationship with other people.”

The “BlueVision” award, worth 15,000 euros, went to “Night of the Kings” by director Philip Laconte.

During the 10 days of the Munich Film Festival, 70 films from 29 countries were presented. On the last day, six films were screened in the open air instead of the previous one at the closing ceremony.

Director Joachim Trier excites Cannes
Director Joachim Trier excites Cannes

Norwegian director Joachim Trier’s film “The Worst Man in the World” fascinates many spectators at the Cannes Film Festival with a penetrating portrait of a modern woman

Norwegian director Joachim Trier’s film “The Worst Man in the World” captivated many spectators at the Cannes Film Festival with a penetrating portrait of a modern woman, AFP reported.

The actress in the lead role – Renate Reinsve, is almost unknown.

This is the first starring role for 33-year-old Renate Reinswe. The film shows her character Julie in different periods of her life. Passion, fidelity, motherhood, relationships with parents, differences between generations – Joachim Trier examines everything that excites Julie against the background of major contemporary topics – the place of women in society, ecology, digitalization.

According to Variety, the film, which is the fifth by 47-year-old Joachim Trier, will be a starting point for young artists, and the Daily Telegraph describes it as “magnificent”.

“She put a lot of herself into the heroine. She has a huge, huge impact on the role,” Joachim Trier said of Renate Reinswe, who is already considered a serious contender for the Best Actress award.

Renate Reinswe said she had gone through the same doubts in her life as Julie.

Lafontaine – the cheerful illustrator of dark human morals
Lafontaine – the cheerful illustrator of dark human morals

400 years since the birth of the great master of the word

On July 8, 1621, exactly 4 centuries ago, Jean de Lafontaine was born. There is no person who has not read a fable of his at least once in his life, but few have read his stories in the style of a la Boccaccio – more than 70 in number, as well as his novel “The Love of Psyche and Cupid” , or the comedies “Eunuch”, “Ragoten” and many more. etc.

Even fewer know that Lafontaine is also the author of the opera’s libretto. The famous philosopher of human morals graduated in theology and law, and began to study literature only after his 37th year.

Too late, according to some, but judging by his achievements as an author, it is obvious that this “lost” time was needed for him to gain not only knowledge, but also life experience.

His writing career began with “Fairy Tales and Novels in Poetry”, and his first fables were collected in the collection “Fables Selected and Transmitted in Poems by Mr. Lafontaine”.

And today, re-reading the fables of Jean de Lafontaine, we find a real guide to morality, in which through the fairy-tale characters of the author we learn a lesson for more than one life situation in which we may find ourselves. Surprisingly, despite the progress of human civilization in every respect, human morality has not changed significantly to this day. This makes Lafontaine’s fables relevant at all times, ie. eternal.

In the modern world, it is unlikely that there will be a reasonable person who would challenge the aphorisms of the great Frenchman, such as “The stronger one in everything is necessary” from the fable “The Wolf and the Lamb”. Human history has confirmed this maxim hundreds of times as true for every age and social system – always “forward” were the strong of the day.

In every historical epoch, the two main antagonistic forces have been the “wolf” people and the “lamb” people. In fact, a rule that stems from the laws of nature, and which humanity has failed to cultivate in its social relations for millennia.

Lafontaine was born in Chateau Thierry, Champagne. This French countryside, in addition to a rich history, is also known for its serene nature and friendly people. Perhaps this is due to Champagne – the champagne that has been produced there since the 17th century, although the locals have been making wine since Roman times. Champagne is, so to speak, “cheerful wine”. His bubbles “hit his nose” just like Lafontaine’s fables, a critic said.

Lafontaine received a solid education, which he enriched with his knowledge of philosophy and his love of reading maxims and fables from the time of Aesop.

The most interesting thing is that this very talented man does not take his work seriously for the rest of his life – he admits that he borrowed ideas from other authors, and judging by the epitaph he writes, he did not expect to receive one. lasting fame ahead of time.

This makes Lafontaine even more sympathetic to his admirers, because it suggests that he himself was undefiled by the greatest human sin, arrogance, and never succumbed foolishly to vanity.

International Singer-Songwriter K-Syran Launches New Single, D.R.A.M.A., with Swedish Superstar StoneBridge
International Singer-Songwriter K-Syran Launches New Single, D.R.A.M.A., with Swedish Superstar StoneBridge

This highly acclaimed new single has just been released on YouTube.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, July 26, 2021 – Singer-songwriter, actress, director, producer, and human rights activist K-Syran is pleased to announce the release of her latest single D.R.A.M.A., created in collaboration with renowned superstar StoneBridge. The single has been released with a stunning video shot by Clarina Hocké on location in Greece, and is now available to be seen on YouTube.“D.R.A.M.A. is exactly the sort of song we all need right now,” says K-Syran. “It’s so upbeat and fun, and it makes you want to dance. I hope you’ll check it out!”

According to the artist, the video shoot in Greece ended up being quite an adventure. On their first day, they arrived at their beautiful R&B flat by the sea in Spetses. As they sat outside enjoying the magnificent view over a glass of wine, the neighbor’s wife suddenly stormed outside with a chair above her head, shouting her husband’s name.

“She then proceeded to hang the chair on the fence outside our kitchen window, then threw her Hoover into the shared garden. A real-life Carmen! But with a song called D.RA.M.A., I guess there had to be some drama involved!”
K-Syran has seen tremendous success as an actress, author, director, and lyricist, not to mention as an impassioned activist for women’s rights. As a trained singer, her musical career knows no bounds, with previous musical collaborations that include Sugarbabes’ Amelle Berrabah and British dance music producer and DJ Mark Loverush.

Her single ‘Intimacy’ was nominated by the United Nations in the U.K. for to be the anthem of international Women’s Day, while her album ‘Dizzy’ has been nominated for a number of prestigious awards in the U.S. Renowned for her energetic and versatile live performances as well as an exquisite dress sense, K-Syran continues to amaze fans with her upbeat and infectious style.

For more information about this talented artist, visit her website at https://www.k-syran.com, her Instagram account or YouTube channel.

About the Artist

Born in Norway as Katrina Syran, K-Syran is a singer-songwriter, actress, director, producer, and human rights activist based in Geneva, Switzerland. Having embarked on a musical career early on in the footsteps of her father, a professional drummer, she performed as a singer in various ensembles throughout her youth, including a jazz combo and a hard rock band.

This young mother of four is a devoted feminist with a parallel career as a playwright and activist for women’s rights. Her own play, ‘Breaking The Silence’, was nominated ‘Best Play’ at the London Summit organized by Angelina Jolie and William Hague, whilst her self-penned track ‘Intimacy’ became the anthem for International Women’s Day.

With a string of US Billboard chart hits, Music Week dance hits and movie roles to her name, K-Syran has been cast in the lead role of an upcoming movie, while continuing to release new recordings. She has recently released a musical video created collaboratively with StoneBridge, which can be viewed on her YouTube channel.


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Book fair to feature e-commerce for first time as well as traditional
Book fair to feature e-commerce for first time as well as traditional

The annual Shanghai Book Fair, scheduled to open on August 11, will include more individual brick-and-mortar bookstores as well as e-commerce platforms for the first time, Xu Jiong, head of the local press and publication administration, said yesterday.

The fair will feature an area on the second floor of the Shanghai Exhibition Center as a new “Reading plus Coffee Culture” zone for readers to rest, exchange ideas and take a look at innovative cultural products.

“Readers need a more relaxing and cozy space for reading. The brick-and-mortar bookstores have already changed for them and the book fair should do so as well,” Xu said.

The individual brick-and-mortar bookstores joining this year’s book fair include Toyou Books, a bookshop that becomes a pub at night, Will Commune, where readers can borrow books for free, the female-themed Xinchao Bookstore and detective-themed Island Bookstore.

According to Xu, the book fair will place more emphasis on supporting and promoting emerging and featured bookshops, and future book fairs will have a group of different individual brick-and-mortar bookstores as exhibitors.

E-commerce platforms like JD and Douyin will have booths at the fair and provide both online and offline services.

In the fair’s public areas, new eco-friendly materials will be used to build booths, replacing wood and paper. Plastic bags and packaging will no longer be used. Instead, more attractive recyclable book bags will be developed.

To enhance on-site management of catering as well as pandemic prevention and control, a food corner will be located near Gate 9 of the exhibition center. Nearly 30 special dishes from nine popular food brands will be available there. This year, the book fair will have three major district-level branches — 800 Show in Jing’an District, Shanghai Music Valley in Hongkou District and Sinan Mansions in Huangpu District, while all 16 districts will have their own book fair events held in different places.

Reading goes hi-tech

The 800 Show branch will focus on the theme “City of Future Reading” to show how reading will be in the future.

There, cutting-edge science and technology firms will work with digital reading providers to organize activities about topics like reading, life, artificial intelligence, the Internet and Big Data.

Domestic big names including Huawei, electric car maker Nio, China Literature and Spiritual Wealth Club will have their own presentations about culture in urban digital transformation.

The Shanghai Music Valley branch will mix elements like music, reading, cultural tourism and innovative cultural markets and allow visitors to enjoy reading while traveling.

Sinan Mansions will have its first bookstore festival and encourage social life on a cultural base.

During the book fair, a map of local brick-and-mortar bookstores will be released to show their locations and help readers find their favorite ones. The fair now has a mascot called Doudian, whose head is shaped like a comma.

The first award ceremony of local publisher Dookbook’s science fiction contest will take place at the fair to highlight more young, talented science fiction authors.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, several exhibitions with related publications will be available to purchase.

Winner of the Laval Virtual Awards 2021
Winner of the Laval Virtual Awards 2021

Title page

Tennis Esports wins the Laval Virtual Awards 2021 in the category sports.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, July 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — VR Motion Learning GmbH & Co KG is pleased to announce to win the most recognized price in the industry, the Laval Virtual Awards 2021 in the category sports. The Awards ceremony took place at the Espace Mayenne in Laval (FR) on Thursday, July 8th.Tennis Esports is an unique application, which makes Virtual Reality and real tennis on court incredibly close, making VR not only an exciting game but also the most advanced training device from the beginner to the ATP/WTA player. This innovative and fun approach will increase the appeal of tennis to new generations attracting many more players to the sport.

Gregory Gettinger, CEO & founder: “We are so excited winning this great award for our truly groundbreaking application. Soon, you can virtually learn how to play tennis with a perfect technique in only a fraction of time, efficiently and accurately in a personalized and customized set-up. This application will open the door to authentic virtual tennis learning & gaming, virtual tennis tournaments and real tennis esports.”

About Tennis Esports

The applied technologies cover video & audio fidelity in VR, highest levels of immersion, haptic feedback, real-time full body motion tracking and capture, interaction with people and objects, multiplayer games, games between locations and usage of data collection, similarity modelling, biomechanical modelling, real-time data analysis and processing using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence tools. The new VRML platform integrates all necessary technologies and content into powerful and universal solutions to enable multiple B2C and B2B products and to significantly improve quality and effectiveness of motion procedures. This scientific project, accompanied by the Technical University of Vienna TUW and major industrial partners, is based on individual biomechanical data. https://www.tennis-esports.com


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