Udmurtia‘s citizens face criminal liability with fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates

How popular is the service and how much will a fake vaccination certificate cost?

Vaccination against coronavirus is becoming mandatory in several cities of Russia, and it will not be possible to get to resorts at all without a certificate. Although Udmurtia does not plan to introduce coercive measures, as the head of the republic, Alexander Brechalov, said, the pace must be increased to 5-6 thousand people per day. Due to mistrust of drugs, new ways of surviving in reality have appeared – the sale of fake certificates of the coronavirus vaccine.

From 4 to 15 thousand rubles

It is not known whether the niche is occupied in Izhevsk, since there are no results on the Avito website for the request “Certificate of vaccination” for all points in Udmurtia. Nevertheless, all-Russian “companies” for forging certificates are working in the telegram. Three such channels were found by an IZHLIFE journalist. One of them has 12 thousand subscribers and they offer to make a certificate for 4,000 rubles. On the second channel, where there are 2 thousand fewer subscribers, the prices are slightly higher – 5,000 rubles for the paper version.

But it will cost 15,000 rubles to enter vaccination data on the State Service portal. This difference in prices is explained by the fact that at least 5 medical workers are involved in the process. institutions. However, “businessmen” write that the price will only rise.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs warned residents of Udmurtia about responsibility for the purchase of a fake vaccination certificate

To order a certificate, you will need to provide strangers with a full package of data: photos of your passport, registration and medical policy. And the work will take 3 weeks.

Now the organizers of the punishable activities are looking for intermediaries in medical institutions. Izhevsk is not on the list, but vacancies are open in neighboring cities: Perm, Samara, Saratov.

Punishment for participants in the scheme

Lawyer Maria Bezpaltseva from Lawyer. The RIGHT side ”comments that document forgery is illegal. Responsibility will affect not only sellers, but also buyers. Criminal liability will arise under article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Forgery, manufacture or circulation of forged documents, state awards, stamps, seals or letterheads). Sellers will be punished under the first part of the article (Forgery of an official document granting rights or releasing from obligations, for the purpose of using it or selling such a document, or making for the same purposes or selling counterfeit state awards of the Russian Federation, RSFSR, USSR, stamps, seals or letterheads ). The punishment under this article is provided in the form of restriction of freedom for up to two years, forced labor for up to two years, arrest for up to six months, or imprisonment for up to two years.

Buyers will be liable under the same clause, but Part 5 (Use of a deliberately fraudulent document). They will have to pay a fine of up to 80 thousand rubles or in the amount of salary / other income for a period of up to six months. They can also be punished with compulsory labor for up to 480 hours or correctional labor for up to two years, or arrest for up to six months.

Responsibility under Article 236 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules) will not occur, since it is impossible to bring an individual citizen to justice under this article.

“The subject of such a crime can only be that person (in particular, an official) who is obliged to observe or ensure compliance with sanitary and epidemiological rules. For example, the head physician, ”says Maria.

To prepare the material, a request for information was sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Udmurtia, but by the time of publication, no response had been received.