А Russian woman – the only passenger on the flight from Turkey: “How did you end up here?”

“Personal charter” cost only 3 thousand rubles

On June 25, a native of Yekaterinburg, Anna Filina flew home from Turkey. She turned out to be the only passenger on board the huge Boeing, which can accommodate 500 passengers.

Why it happened – the girl told “MK”.

Anna Filina shared her unusual flight story on her Instagram page. In the story, the girl posted pictures of an empty plane.

“The first oddities began at the airport when I noticed that I was alone at the check-in counter,” Anna recalls. – Received a boarding pass with number 001.

Then the girl walked to the boarding gate. Here, too, not a soul.

– For an hour I sat in an empty hall and did not understand why there were no people. From time to time I was covered with a slight panic, I did not understand what was happening, – continues the interlocutor.

On board, Anna was greeted by equally surprised staff. The flight attendants, in turn, did not expect that they would have to serve one passenger either.

“The staff of twelve were in shock, as was I. They had one question for me: how did you end up here? I have a counter question for them: “Why did they start the flight for the sake of one person?”, Says Anna.

The flight attendants explained that, in any case, they are running the flight so as not to stand. But there are no passengers, because Russian tourists were started to enter Turkey two days ago.

– As I understand it, it is not profitable for them to keep the plane in the parking lot, and there is no one to fly. Moreover, this was the first flight from Antalya to Yekaterinburg. I have been living in Turkey since September, apparently, apart from me, there were no people willing to fly away, because tourists have just started arriving in Turkey, – Anna explained.

– How much did you pay for the ticket?

– My “personal” charter cost only 3 thousand rubles.

– Probably, for the sake of you alone, the flight attendants did not explain the flight rules, demand that you fasten your seat belts and put on a mask?

– No, everything went clearly according to the rules, as if the board was with passengers. The flight attendant gave a briefing before takeoff, the flight attendants were wearing masks and gloves. During the flight, they all came up in turn to look at me, always asking how I was doing. They also gave me a bottle of water.