Resorts of the Russian South are overwhelmed despite bad weather

According to the Federal Tourism Agency, the resorts of the Crimea and Krasnodar Territory are experiencing a tourist “boom” – there are not enough good hotels for tourists.

Rosturizm considers it necessary to build new hotels, and there is already a national project for the development of Black Sea resorts. It envisages the construction of 20 thousand rooms by 2024, which should stimulate competition and lead to lower prices. At the same time, many experts believe that after the opening of air links with Turkey, Egypt and other countries, there will be no mass flow of tourists to the Black Sea, and there is no point in construction.

According to Igor Bukharov, head of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, the resorts are currently overloaded, since there are simply no other options. He stressed that there is a demand for the local level of service, services and food quality only because foreign destinations with adequate prices are closed. He talked about the tendency in the local industry to raise prices for services in times of demand, but the service does not grow. According to Bukharov, the lack of service at the level of Egypt and Turkey and the rise in prices causes rejection – tourists will leave after the opening of alternative destinations. He noticed that the share of high-quality rooms is only 10%.

According to the vice-president of ATOR Ilya Umansky, it is impossible to compare our resorts with foreign ones – the differences in the number of rooms are too big. He noted that on the Black Sea, most of the room stock is the private sector, when local residents rent rooms and apartments to tourists. Also, hotels are often registered as private households, and they are not required to pay taxes and register tourists.

Unfortunately, Russian resorts cannot please tourists with good weather either.

Crimea flooded: in Kerch cars went under water on the roof

On the night of Thursday, heavy rains fell in Crimea, and flooding occurred in places. The largest amounts of precipitation were recorded in Kerch and Belogorsk (one and a half monthly norms of precipitation), and Simferopol was also affected. A storm warning has been announced. The head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov arrived in Kerch to assess the situation. For the inspection he had to use a boat – because of the downpours, the Melek-Chesme River overflowed the banks, the city streets are flooded, traffic is greatly complicated, and in some places impossible.