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And the wind has a holiday


World Wind Day is an international event that is celebrated annually on June 15. The tradition first began in Europe in 2007 and took on a global dimension two years later.

The wind sector is also the fastest growing sector in many regions of the world. In more than 75 countries around the world, wind farms are in operation, generating energy from clean and renewable sources. Thousands of people are involved in producing wind energy, but for many people wind energy is a mystery.

World Wind Day is an occasion to visit wind farms, get answers from experts, take part in the event and understand everything about wind energy. This day is a great opportunity to remind people around the world that a real energy revolution can be achieved in terms of the way electricity is produced, saving billions of tonnes of CO2 and creating many new jobs.

World Wind Day is also a day to discover the work that the world’s pioneers have done in this direction. More than 75 countries around the world have wind farms that produce energy from a clean and renewable source.

Because they require no fuel, wind farms have less impact on the environment than many other forms of power generation. Wind farms have, however, been criticised for their visual impact and impact on the landscape. Typically they need to be spread over more land than other power stations and need to be built in wild and rural areas, which can lead to “industrialization of the countryside”, habitat loss, and a drop in tourism. Some critics claim that wind farms have adverse health effects, but most researchers consider these claims to be pseudoscience (wind turbine syndrome characterized as such). Wind farms can interfere with radar, although in most cases, according to the US Department of Energy, “siting and other mitigations have resolved conflicts and allowed wind projects to co-exist effectively with radar”. (“WINDExchange: Wind Turbine Radar Interference”. WINDExchange. Retrieved 19 June 2019)


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