Islam is a very simple religion

Muslims observe Ramadan in every ninth month of the Islamic calendar

Islamic scholar Sheikh Ayyub Ofosu-Hene Asare has emphasized that the Islamic religion is a very simple one unlike most people believe.

He mentioned that people who think otherwise about the religion just lack understanding about their religion because, “Islam is a very simple religion”.

Using the Muslim fast as an example he said, “Ramadan is just a time to keep yourself Holy for Allah. This is also a good exercise for the spirit to build us spiritually but the Quran also warns people who are ill not to partake in it in order not to worsen their condition”.

Talking to Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s NsemPii he shared, “The main purpose of the fast is to build you spiritually. We read the Quran and do a lot of things that will bring blessings to us”.

He mentioned that basically, Ramadan for Muslims is a blessed and spiritual month although it also comes with its rules.

Per his observation, a lot of Christians do not fast and find it very difficult to do so which he thinks is a very bad attitude.

Citing an encounter he had with a friend he shared that, “My Christian friend whom I have known for years recently confessed to me that had never fasted in his life and saw nothing wrong with it. I think right now things are changing and a couple of Christians are beginning to practice the act of fasting because we Muslims do it”.

Sheikh said people complicate the religion because they do not understand how the religion works, “All Allah expects from us is honesty”.

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