Wed. Apr 7th, 2021
EU Threatens Visa Curbs for 13 Nations Most Reluctant to Take Back Deportees, Reports Say

In total, the European Commission looked into 39 countries that systematically “obstruct” the repatriation of their own citizens, according to the German newspaper.

The worst “unsatisfactory” grade was given to 13 countries — namely Iraq, Iran, Libya, Senegal, Somalia, Mali, Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Guinea-Bissau.

The countries will face visa restrictions unless they better cooperate on repatriation of their citizens.

The current goal is to launch a “dialogue” to improve this cooperation, but if this does not happen, starting summer, the EU may extend processing time for visa applications from these countries or reduce visa validity for them. Another option is a visa fee increase.

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