Tue. Apr 6th, 2021
EPP insists on European Parliament debate about Caruana Galizia revelations

The European People’s Party has submitted a fresh request for a plenary debate on the latest revelations in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder case, after the discussion was blocked by the Socialists and Democrats Group last week.

The call for a debate was initially made by the biggest bloc in the European Parliament on the 41st month since Caruana Galizia was killed by a car bomb.

The party had referred to the shocking testimony by self-confessed hitman Vince Muscat, who in court indicated that former minister Chris Cardona and former chief of staff Keith Schembri may have known of the murder plot. Both have denied the claims. 

The EPP believes that following the alleged involvement of key officials and politicians, the Maltese government faces a profound crisis of credibility in the EU.

But in a tweet on Thursday afternoon, the EPP said “@TheProgressives continue to stick their head in the sand about serious allegations of involvement by Malta’s highest levels of government in the murder case and have now blocked a request for a plenary debate next week.”

EPP group chairman Manfred Weber had promised to file the request again.

Since then, Schembri has been accused in court of money laundering, criminal conspiracy, fraud and forgery, and was remanded in custody. 

On Monday the EPP confirmed that despite the veto on the discussion, it had reintroduced its request for a debate and resolution. 

The European Parliament “should insist the EC maintains pressure on Maltese authorities to end impunity,” the party tweeted.

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