Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
European Parliament in Bulgaria marks International Women's Day with exhibition

The International Women’s Day is a good occasion for recognition and respect for all women involved in the fight against Covid-19 and contributing to dealing with the effects of the pandemic. In this regard, from March 8 to 31, an exhibition entitled “Equality is Power” will be presented on the facade of the House of Europe in Sofia. It is organized by the Bureau of the European Parliament in Bulgaria, in partnership with the social impact studio Fine Acts.
The exhibition displays 20 posters created by artists from around the world dedicated to gender equality. The topics portrayed in the posters are being examined by the European Parliament and are related to the impact of the pandemic on women, measures to protect their rights and promote gender equality.
The Covid-19 crisis has affected women and men differently, highlighting these pressing issues even more. Therefore, the aim of the exhibition is to draw public attention to the strengthening and deepening of existing gender inequalities with the power of art. 
All exhibits can also be viewed online.
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