Mon. Feb 22nd, 2021
Buddhist Times News – Buddha statue at Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

Buddha statue at Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

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By  –BT Newsdesk

Bahronpur was a well-developed city with a monastery, archaeologists confirm

Archaeologists have found a large statue of Gautam Buddha at Bahronpur village in Sitagarha, around 20 kilometres away from the district headquarters, while excavating a ninth century Buddhist Shrine and monastery.

Virendra Kumar Partha, archaeologist at the Archaeological Survey of India said that the team has found other artifacts such as pottery, walls, stairs and tools.

“Efforts are being made to take out the Buddha statue safely. The face itself is 10-inches long so we hope it’s a big sculpture,” he told The Telegraph Online on Sunday

Confirming the site as a major shrine, Partha said that the ASI team has also found a reclining Buddha statue.

The ASI started working at the site after Buddhist monk Bhante Tiswarro revealed details about Bahronpur, widely considered to be a popular monastery during its time. Many residents in the area had found ancient idols in the area while constructing their houses, leading to the discovery of the place.

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