Sun. Feb 21st, 2021
Mexico struggles to inoculate covid-struck population - Vatican News

By James Blears

Thus far, Mexico has only received 1.9 million doses of the Pfizer and the Oxford-Astra Zenica vaccine. A veritable drop in a swirling ocean of infection, because it`s barely enough to inoculate one million people in a population of one hundred and twenty six million.

We`re told that more than two million infections are officially reported and one hundred and seventy five thousand deaths. That is pale reflection of the true number, which could be as many as seventy thousand more. Only time will tell.  Exhausted, hard pressed medical specialists say that 189,000 thousand elderly have been injected with phase one, but the population of over sixties here is 15.7 million people. 

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who`s in overall charge of all of this administration, says he`s broaching the subject of unequal access for non producing nations, with the UN`s Security Council. 

Mexico has created a website, encouraging countless online users to fill in a questionaire, press the send button  and then wait their turn. The site has crashed several times.  Only those who stay up to wee early hours,  have much of a chance of successfully waving it off into cyberspace. Then they`re met with an unnerving and  deafening silence. 

Mexican President Andres Lopez Obrador, who doesn`t wear a mask most of the time, contracted covid 19, recovered and is back of work. No sign of a mask on his table and he doesn`t wear one at his daily press conferences either.

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