Fri. Mar 5th, 2021
Horror unearthed in Mexico's ongoing drug war - Vatican News

By James Blears

The grisly discovery was made by Police Officers, on the outskirts of Guadalajara, Mexico`s second city, and the capital of the State of Jalisco. They came across this, after finding a severed human leg, near a highway bridge. During a more detailed search, they found a huge pile of black plastic bags taped shut. On opening them, they found a carnage resembling a slaughter house. 

The ultra violent “new generation Jalisco drug cartel,” which is based there, is the prime suspect in this slaughter. Its henchmen have killed hundreds of people and it`s spread its tentacles of influence throughout the entire Country. Several years ago, they even shot down a police helicopter, killing all of its occupants, using a rocket launcher. 

Since Mexico`s Drug War started in in 2006, more than quarter of a million people have been killed and more than eighty thousand people have vanished. Experts also estimate that thousands of Central American migrants go missing annually, as they trek across Mexico, trying to reach the US Border and cross.  Often as not they`re kidnapped by the cartels. then there are three options. Their relatives pay a ransom, or they join the ranks of organized crime, or if they refuse, they`re shot in the back of the head and dumped in clandestine gravesite shallow ditches, mostly located in desolate badlands. 

Listen to the report by James Blears

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