Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021
Nokia leads a 6G wireless project for European Union

Nokia Oyj is leading a group of companies and universities in a European Union funded wireless project called Hexa-X to help jump-start a new generation of mobile technology that’s already being called 6G.

The group includes wireless gearmaking-peer Ericsson, mobile carriers Orange and Telefonica SA, and technology companies including Intel and Siemens. They’re joined by the University of Oulu and the University of Pisa, according to the membership list.

6G technology is expected to use super high-frequency terahertz airwaves and deliver advanced connectivity, which could even link up to technology in the human body and brain – as well as real-time holographic imaging – starting in 2030.Credit:AP

While 5G network deployment is still in its infancy, with 100 wireless carriers worldwide offering the service in limited areas, the preparation for 6G development is getting started in several regions around the world.

In addition to Nokia-led Hexa-X in Europe, there’s Next G Alliance and O-RAN Alliance in the U.S. The Chinese government is also funding a 6G development group.

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