Fri. Dec 4th, 2020
No Religion Should be Above Ridicule or Criticism

In fact, they are almost silent, not only on this savage attack on Samuel, but also this assault on the whole concept of free speech, freedom of expression and our liberal democracy.

It couldn’t be a case of, ‘is it because it’s an Islamist attack, could it?’

Of course, it is!

The left, the woke brigade and the cowards in Western Governments and the Church are more concerned about a backlash against the Muslim community and a rise in Islamophobia than the actual act of barbaric savagery that has been committed.

Again, out come the eggs shells and the treading carefully, the changing of twitter avatars and the singing of kumbaya and not looking back in anger requests rather than the mass condemnation of this barbarity.

Could you imagine what would happen if this had been a white supremacist carrying out such an evil deed?

The BBC would be almost orgasmic and would be handing out the horse hair shirts and doing whole programmes about the institutional racism in our society.

People like Trump would be getting slaughtered on Twitter and in the MSM for using incendiary language which fuelled these acts.

Don’t believe me? Well look at the reaction to the death of George Floyd. His death at the hands of alleged racist police officers has changed the whole political agenda and rightly so.

It was an horrific death that all right-minded people should condemn.

But where is the knee bending, the logos on football shirts and the sport and TV stars speaking out on this barbaric fascist act carried out on the streets of France?

Is Teaching Free Speech Child Abuse?

Why should a man lose his life for simply discussing the concept of free speech and talking about the depiction of cartoons of the prophet Muhammed in the classroom?  Samuel even gave the pupils a trigger warning about the lesson and gave them the choice to stay or leave.

That seems a tolerant response to me but obviously not to Dana Nawzar Jaf who writes for the lefty magazine, New Statesman who said that showing such “disrespectful” caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed to Muslim children is “child abuse.”
He also wrote that “Bullying Muslim children in the name of teaching them free speech has to stop.”
However, his dangerous nonsense didn’t stop there as he also tweeted the following, ‘I fully condemn French police’s brutal senseless murder of the Muslim suspect last night.

Macron and his security apparatus should explain to the public what was the need for the use of the disproportionate force against someone suspected of a knife crime. France is in crisis.’

Knife crime?! He chopped the bloody teacher’s head off, you fool!

Ignore this buffoon please because President Macron is correct when he stated that this was an assassination on the streets of France.

It is becoming clear that someone or some people in that community issued a Fatwa against Samuel and then the murderous act was carried out. The only positive in this story is that the French blew away the fascist murderer but now any accomplices must be brought to trail swiftly and if found guilty locked up and the key thrown away.

However, the investigation has to go much deeper than just his supporters and accomplices, we need an urgent discussion and investigation into radical Islam and our continued liberal acceptance of it living amongst us in the West.

There is no chance of this of course because as soon as any one mentions the term Islamist they are shouted down as ‘Islamaphobes’ or racists.

The UK police have even been discussing banning terms like Islamist terrorism and jihadist. They want us to use terms like ‘faith claimed terrorism’ or ‘terrorists abusing religious motivations.’

This is why it takes so long for the authorities to name the ‘faith claimed terrorist’ when another atrocity occurs.

This is why we always hear all about the mental health of the barbarian before we actually hear his name.

The authorities are frit to death that we will act like savages and wreak revenge on innocent Muslims but where is the evidence of this happening?

Why do they treat all of us regardless of the god we pray to as the real ‘Faith claimed terrorists’? More importantly why do we accept their snowflake BS and rewriting of history?

Who does this egg treading nonsense serve? Certainly not the majority of the population and certainly not the majority of the UK Muslim population who are just trying to get on with their lives like the rest of us.

It’s simple, whether the woke brigade like it or not, these ‘faith claimed terrorists’ do say that their motivation is Islam, they usually make a video before the act to explain this to the non-believers for God’s sake.

Not condemning these continuing atrocities and allowing them to fade too quickly also has the effect of chilling people in being able to criticise the Muslim faith in any form.

Ever since the Satanic Verses Fatwa many on the left have been too frightened to criticise any aspect of this religion. This is terrible for our tolerant enlightened democracy. It is as if we almost have a blasphemy law back in the UK but only for the Muslim religion which only accounts for 5 percent of our population.

However, no religion should be above ridicule or criticism and this lies at the root of the problem that the West must confront and confront now.


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