Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020
Turkey's problematic behaviour high on the European Council agenda on Thursday
The second summit of the month will be held in Brussels on Thursday, with Turkey expected to once again rank high on the agenda. The European Council meeting will start at 15:00 (Brussels time).

                <p>Also high in the Council's priorities is the pandemic, with coronavirus outbreaks exceeding 38 million worldwide and six million in Europe. The 27 leaders of the member-states are expected to discuss both the coordination of their actions and the creation and distribution of vaccines against Covid-19.</p><aside><strong class="trendig-now-label">VIRAL ΕΙΔΗΣΕΙΣ</strong>
</aside><p>Turkey's continued unilateral actions will once again occupy the summit, just weeks after the special summit on EU-Turkey relations, following Ankara's latest moves. "The European Council will assess where we are, regarding the situation with Turkey," a European source told reporters, underlining the "EU's solidarity with Greece and Cyprus".

At the same time, the same source noted that “the president of the European Council is closely monitoring the situation.”

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