Tue. Oct 20th, 2020
S&S UK Restructures Nonfiction Program, Adds Gallery Imprint

Simon & Schuster UK is restructuring its adult nonfiction program, and adding a new imprint based on Gallery Books in the United States.

In an announcement from the U.K., the publisher said it would be splitting its nonfiction program which had, up until now, been housed entirely under the Simon & Schuster umbrella. Moving forward, S&S UK said its list “will now be split, with Simon & Schuster publishing serious non-fiction, including history, current affairs, business and sport, and a new imprint, Gallery Books, becoming the home for quality commercial non-fiction, including popular culture, wellness and memoir.” Additionally, Scribner UK will publish a small number of “curated literary non-fiction titles” annually.

The move will take effect in January 2021 and will allow, said Holly Harris, publishing director of nonfiction, “our growing list even greater clarity and focus.”

Harris added that the creation of a Gallery Books in the U.K. derived, in part, for her admiration for the U.S. imprint. “I have long admired Gallery Books in the U.S., steered by senior v-p and publisher Jennifer Bergstrom, and I am thrilled that we are able to use their name to give sharper definition to our list.”

CEO and publisher of S&S UK, Ian Chapman, added: “The two imprints will complement each other beautifully. By offering a third destination imprint for our local U.K. publishing we intend to broaden our non-fiction publishing and we have a highly talented and experienced team in place to achieve great things.”

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