Launch of Khangchendzonga Buddhist University announced

Sikkim: Launch of Khangchendzonga Buddhist University announced

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By  — Shyamal Sinha

The Minister-in-Charge of the Education Department, Kunga Nima Lepcha, announced the plan to set up the Khangchendzonga Buddhist University on Monday.

Lepcha introduced the Khangchendzonga Buddhist University Bill, Sikkim, Bill  No. 15, 2020; as it is a bill passed by the state legislature. The Statement of Objects and Reasons of the Bill states to promote knowledge, understanding and growth in all members of the community.

The bill will achieve its objectives by providing reflective educational opportunities as well as research opportunities, and by promoting and creating innovative educational models in higher education.

The bill will focus on developing professional competence in emerging areas of business by providing innovative and high-quality programmes and training in Buddhist studies, education, vocational domains, liberal arts, social sciences, science and engineering, hospitality and tourism, architecture, medicine and other related areas.

Notably this will be first university that will model itself along the guidelines of the National Education Policy (NEP) and also aid the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Chief Minister, Prem Singh Tamang expressed his gratitude to the members of the Assembly for creating the first private Buddhist University of India and the first university of Sikkim that has been founded by the Sikkimese people.

This is a fulfillment of the SKM party’s manifesto to build a Buddhist University in Sikkim and will place Sikkim prominently on the map of higher education in India and the world Khangchendzonga Buddhist University (KBU) will advance Buddha Dharma in Sikkim, India and the world.

It will also focus on development of teachers of Sikkim and adjoining regions through innovative models of education and offer cutting-edge vocational programs with a broad based foundation in liberal arts so that students of lower and lower middle class can be prepared for rewarding careers in India and outside.

Out of 17 SDGs of the United Nation the following are the commitments for helping the state to fulfill the goals by the Khangchendzonga Buddhist University-

1. SDG No 4 (Quality Education)

2. SDG No 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth)

3. SDG No 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and

4. SDG No.17 (Partnerships to Achieve Goals)

Meanwhile, the supplementary demands for grants amounting to Rs 45,123.63 lakh were also passed by the House on Monday when the session was held just for a day in view of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic situation.

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